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Punanni Oil
Punanni Oil
Punanni Oil
Punanni Oil

Punanni Oil

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Have you ever been self-conscious about the way your Yoni smells? As women, we have all experienced some type of shyness that we wanted to be discreet about. Our Yoni Oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that helps prevent yeast infections and bacterial overgrowth. These drops are high in antioxidants. They also purify the Punanni and help prevent and eliminate odor. Punnani Oil is great for the sensitive skin on your Yoni, which can be damaged due to irritating chemicals, clothing, shaving, and skin conditions. This oil is an amazing moisturizer and it is very soothing.
*Punnani Oil can be used to massage the Clitoris. While using this oil for pleasure, you will be improving and restoring your PumPum🥴🚨🚨What an amazing combination!

*Punnani Oil has been known to aid with:
-Vaginal Dryness
-Vaginal Itching
-Vaginal Odor
-Vaginal Irritation
-Toning the vagina
-yeast infections 
-Restoring & maintaining natural pH levels in the vagina 

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