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Healing Crystals
Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

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Healing crystals have plenty more benefits then the ones listed below. Please research for full benefits before purchasing!

Amazonite- for depression & Anxiety

Honey Calcite - for 3rd eye

Yellow Jasper- Channeling positive energy

Amethyst- For nightmares

Aventurine-acne, allergies,dandruff,eczema

Howlite- memory, knowledge,progress

Rose quartz- induce love, fertility, reduce tension

smokey quartz- balance mind & body

Snowflake obsidian- grounding & protection

Tourmaline- protects against negativity 

lapis Lazuli- wisdom & knowledge

Blue lace agate- inspires loyalty

citrine- cleansing & clearing

Botswana agate-increase fertility, sexuality

Hematite- enhances mental activity

Tigers eye- grounding, balancing, earthy

Malachite- balance & abundance