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Intentions Set Af Candles
Intentions Set Af Candles

Intentions Set Af Candles

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Our Intentions Set Af Candles are used to manifest desires. They are a way to bring your dream life into reality. Intentions Set Af Candles illuminates your intentions, and when you meditate on it, it releases a message and sends your energy out into the universe.

Queendom Scents “Intentions Set Af” candles are hand made with herbs, crystals, oils, love, and intention! I energetically cleanse my work space, each tin, crystal and the candle wax prior to making. I take my work extremely serious to deliver only the highest quality candles and the most loving intentional energy. These candles will still cast their magic without being burned💫 Use during prayer, meditation, or rituals! 

Hold space with this beautiful candle dedicated to the gardens, the house plants, the forests, the orchards, and the Green Witch and herbalists who tends to them all.

There's a little witch in all of us. 

Reminder, once your candle burns out, please dont forget to retrieve the crystals inside your candle! These crystals are charged with their intention 💕

Note: Queendom Scents is not responsible for any outcome when using these candles. Please do not leave your candle unattended. The herbs in the candle are susceptible to burning/catching fire. To practice candle safety, do not let candle fully burn to the bottom. Always burn in sight❤️🙏🏽
BURNING + CARE NOTICE: Dried herbs + flowers are flammable. Keep dried ingredients away from wick. If dried ingredients have shifted close to wick during shipping, please move away from wick before lighting candle and while burning. Never leave your intention candles burning unattended.

Keep away from things that catch fire. Keep away from children & pets. Burn on heat safe surface. For best results, burn until the wax melts evenly across the container, not exceeding 4 hrs. Keep wax pool free of debris. Keep wick centered & trim to 1/4" each time candle is lit. Avoid drafts. Never touch or move a hot candle.